Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Kim Rae Won(Love Story In Harvard)

Lee Dong Wook(My Girl)

Lee Ji Hoon(Hey! Lady)

Gong Yoo


Kwon Sang Woo

U Gun

Song Seung Hoon(Autumn In My Heart)


hahha.hari ni patut dpt result 4 callsign.balik2 je dr skolah kte abg gg ade.but wife dea x de.hahhah.dea dpt ape ntah then abg apiz call ckp x ley amik 9w2wmh and i was just like T_T. Dia kata aku kene amik Bravo India Golf(BIG) as gemok - -'.

i felt like the exam that i've take was sooo meaningless as i cant get my lovely callsign and suddenly he laughed with his horrible voice HAHA.
i noe he was lying! hahha thank god i've got that callsign :DD

he said that the license with him n he'll give it 2 me ASAP hehehhe
cant wait eventhough i might not use the radio.hhoho3 n now basically im now 9w2wmh ;D
*Tepuk tangan

now lets talk about kim rae won.ouh no. Gourmet. latest drama i think. hahhha.actually sje nk promote.tgk! dh tgk trailer dea cm touching je.hahhha.hope sgt cite tu best.hahha;D