Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Insha Allah in MALAY? ;D

Alhamdulilah I've just arrived in Bahrain and getting ready for tomorrow’s concert. The Australia Tour was amazing and I'm looking forward to going back there soon isA.All the fans(especially the Malaysian ones)were very supportive inALL the 3 concerts,and I will have a surprise for all my Malaysian fans when I visit Malaysia later this year insha Allah.Are you ready for the song "Insha Allah" inMalay?;) -MAHERZAIN♥


  1. insha Allah in malay ?
    wah ! sagt teruja tuk dgr =)
    lagu maher zain sume best2 kan ?

  2. wahhhh, minat gak kee;D kannn? semuaaaaaaaaaa best;)